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                  浙江大學伊利諾伊大學厄巴納香檳校區聯合學院徐楊和Mark Butala教授2020年博士后招聘啟事

                  • 發布時間:2020-09-28
                  • 截止日期:詳見正文
                  • 所屬省份浙江
                  • 工作地點:海寧市
                  • 欄目分類浙江高校
                  • 招聘人數:若干
                  • 報名方式:電子郵件
                  • 需求學科(供參考)物理學 計算機與軟件類


                  浙江大學伊利諾伊大學厄巴納香檳校區聯合學院徐楊和Mark Butala教授博士后招聘啟事

                  Xu Yang and Mark Butala's Group of ZJU-UIUC Institute is Recruiting Postdoc


                  Zhejiang University (ranked TOP 3 in China) invites qualified applicants for the 2019 Distinguished Postdoc Research Fellowship. The research position is in the area intersecting computational imaging and breakthrough, 2D nano-device imaging systems. The Research Fellow and Research professor can serve as Principal Investigator for NSFC projects. The associated research team is actively collaborating with top researchers around the world, including those from the University of Cambridge, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, and Stanford University.

                  The university has a newly-built cleanroom (100 class) and all the key instruments for nanofabrication and characterization, including EBL, FIB, EUV lithography (Karl Suss MA6), DIRE (Oxford Plasma lab system 100), ICP, Raman, FITR, ALD (Kurt J. Lesker), E-beam evaporator (Angstrom), CVD, PECVD, AFM, SEM, TEM, STM, RTP, XPS, PPMS, Logic Analyzer, ultrafast fs-laser system, low-temperature probe station, Network Analyzer (R&S ZVA67, 67GHz), Keyence con-focal microscope, etc.

                  We seek candidates with PhD degree in engineering, physics, computer science, or a related field.  

                  Mandatary Qualifications: The candidate should have a PhD degree from a University with TOP 100 World Ranking for the application qualification.

                  Qualifications (not necessary, but strongly preferred):

                  •      Strong theoretical background in image processing, inverse problems, and statistical methodology

                  •      Hands-on experience implementing image processing and analysis systems

                  •      Ability to conduct high-quality independent research

                  •      Excellent track record in research publication

                  •      Experience with low-level, image sensor hardware: a great plus

                  Salary, Compensation and Benefits:

                  •      Annual salary: RMB 300,000 ( = US $45,000 ) [Mandatary Qualifications: The candidate should have a PhD degree from a University with TOP 100 World Ranking for the application qualification.]

                  •      Housing subsidized by the university, tax-refund (for a non-Chinese citizen) and other fringe benefits

                  •      After three years of research, qualified candidate can potentially be promoted to a tenure-track assistant professor position with starting annual salary of US $60,000

                  Application Materials:

                  Please email the following materials to yangxu-isee@zju.edu.cn and markbutala@intl.zju.edu.cn

                  •      CV

                  •      3-5 Representative journal papers

                  •      Copy of Ph.D. dissertation (if completed)

                  •      Contact information of four references